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October 17th, 2013

The Latest: A Weekly Newsletter

The Latest is a weekly newsletter from Indulge New York about the goings on of our city.


New York City is synonymous with the word indulge; it resonates from the echos of footsteps from Central Park to the Battery. The jungle we call Manhattan is just that…a jungle of architecture, people, noises, smells, art, trends, talents, politics, inspirations, memories, taxis, lights, glitz, glam, grunge…need I say more? There is always something new, something old, something changing, something coming. For generations people have been drawn to the metropolis in hopes of finding something; in hopes of finding anything for that matter. Whatever it may be, Manhattan holds a certain appeal and our stories are alive in her streets.

The Latest: a weekly newsletter from Indulge New York is a collection of stories on everything New York. We want to keep you well informed, well entertained, and well educated on the goings on of our city. Whether it be an event, a suggestion, or a review, you will always be in the know! The newsletter is also a forum for your comments and stories or anything you want to share with us on your adventures in the big apple.

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