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February 1st, 2014

More for the Fitness Minded

more for the fitness minded

Pace for Success

10% off with INY membership

As the crystal ball dropped in New York’s Times Square and confetti rained over her streets, waves of celebrators cheered and ushered in the New Year with tooting horns, amiable wishes, and endless vows of self-improvement.  Instead of the usual goals of shedding a few pounds or eating better, why not set your sight higher and aim to be the healthiest and happiest you—why not aim to be the best you!  At Pace for Success, Inc. a fitness company in NYC, you can achieve much more than a slimmer physique, you can build confidence and strength and be empowered.

Founded by marathon runner, certified RRCA coach and trainer, and motivational speaker Jasmine Graham, Pace for Success, Inc. provides clients with more than just a facility to optimize physical fitness and health.  P4S’ founder and team of extensively certified and experienced staff is dedicated to cultivating your inner athlete by building inner, lasting strength through self-control and self-discipline.  P4S offers an array of fitness programs suited for anyone, of any age, at any stage in their pursuit of health and wellness.  From corporate fitness programs to personal coaching and trainers, P4S offers comprehensive training programs for small and large groups as well as one-on-one training for the individual.

Progressive Personal Training

$199 for the first 3 sessions and 10% OFF purchase of first training package

Whether you are looking to transform your body, stay in shape during the off-season, or need to get in shape fast, Progressive Personal Training studio and its team of fitness professionals can help you achieve your goal!  Progressive Personal Training is a private, personal training studio based in Chelsea, NYC specializing in one-on-one, personal training.  PPT studio is equipped with top of the line strength and cardiovascular equipment and training aids and offers training services to individuals as well as small groups and corporate businesses.

Using a modern approach to improve physical well-being, PPT offers private, customized training programs that incorporate clients’ personal needs and fitness goals.  Through extensive experience and research, PPT’s President and founder James Camastra has broken the science and discipline of personal training down to basic principles.  Together with his team of highly qualified trainers, PPT applies these principles using fundamental training techniques to provide New Yorkers with true, customized, personal training that will produce long, lasting results.

Restorative Fusion

20% off program purchase

For 20 years, Restorative Fusion Exercise has been rehabilitating the Greater NYC area with its unique approach to restoring and improving health.  This personalized, in-home, exercise company amalgamates concepts of physical and occupational therapy with functional fitness to develop therapeutic and multifunctioning exercise programs.  This approach called the Restorative Movement Method was developed to further rehabilitate and hasten your recovery by combining various forms of exercises that will rebuild and strengthen the body.  Developed by Restorative Fusion Exercise founder Sharon Frazier, the Restorative Movement Method has received accolades and referrals from medical professionals world-wide.

Restorative Fusion offers to help clients of any age find the right regimen for their body’s specific needs.   Using her extensive experience in Movement Therapy and Exercise Physiology, Sharon Frazier will assess clients’ personal abilities and consult with medical professionals to design and implement an exercise regimen suited to each client.  With a selection of programs and goal-specific exercises, your regimen can progress as you do.

Restorative Fusion can also bring this innovative, science based approach to your workplace!  Sharon and her team now offer a selection of on-site programs that employers can choose from to promote health and fitness and inspire employees!

Tao Yoga & Tai Chi

30% off membership

Since its emergence from the east, yoga has long since been accepted by western culture and has become an increasingly popular form of exercise in the U.S.  However, despite its rise in popularity, yoga remains to be understood as a fitness trend.  As an exercise, there are obvious, well-known physical benefits but yoga is more than a work-out routine and its effects go beyond merely an increase in flexibility and better posture.  The practice of yoga is a discipline and aims to strengthen the mind and spirit as well as the body and at Tao Yoga & Tai-Chi, you will learn just that.

Located in NYC, Tao Yoga & Tai-Chi offers clients Dahn Yoga, a practice based on traditional Korean Healing concepts and East Asian principals of qi.  Dahn Yoga focuses on the body’s core strength, its life energy or qi, and cultivates it through a series of mind/body training programs such as yoga, tai-chi, and meditation.  Because the mind, body, and spirit are not separate from each other, by changing and managing your qi you gain a better understanding of your mind and body and from that, lay the foundation for physical, mental, and spiritual health.


10% off membership fees

Here it is Manhattan—the first and only fitness facility of its kind and inspired by the fastest growing sport organization in the world, Ultimate Fighting Championship, the UFC Gym!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was first created in the U.S in 1993 as a professional mixed marital arts organization and was promoted as a competition with limited rules and regulations to determine the best and most effective style of martial arts for unarmed combat.  Fighters in this competition quickly realized that in order to compete among the best, they needed to be well-rounded and trained in additional disciplines offered by various forms of martial arts.  This demand ushered in a new breed of athletes, skilled in many forms of martial arts including: karate, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, and other combat sports.  This blend of fighting styles and skills became known as mixed martial arts, MMA.

Today, the UFC stands alone as the world’s leading promoter of MMA and offer UFC and fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to work-out and train like the famed fighters.  Equipped with state-of-the-art weight training and cardiovascular machines and offering a wide range of group fitness classes, the UFC Gym guarantees members the ultimate workout experience!  The UFC Gym also offers a youth program that will teach boys and girls self-defense, discipline, and coordination, and develop confidence.  And for the novice fighter and inspired fan, this UFC brand gym offers MMA training, advance training, and private training.


15% OFF 1 Hour Personal Training Session (regularly $99)

Now, achieving your fitness goal is simpler than ever when you have all of the Greater NYC’s resources at your doorstep.  Rather than joining a gym that you need to schedule time in your work week to get to, YBYM can bring the gym to you, no matter where you are!

Your Body Your Machine, located in NYC brings a different approach to providing fitness services.  Much more feasible to a typical New Yorker’s schedule, YBYM offers to bring fitness and personal training to you, whether at home or at the office.  YBYM’s staff of fitness professionals will come to you and help you create workout program suited to your specific needs, using whatever space available to you, and at your convenience!  YBYM offers to help clients take control of their lives by guiding them through core principles of exercise and nutrition as an essential part of health and fitness.  Clients will also learn how to practically apply those principles to any schedule of everyday life and build their own fitness center in the process.

Yo Yoga

12.5% OFF check and FREE mat rental. Total offer good for any weekday class before noon

Today, yoga has evolved from a popular form of exercise to multiple forms of practice and no matter which practice you prefer, Yo Yoga has the right class for you!

Yo Yoga offers clients a place of community for practicing individuals of every level.  Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or trying yoga for the first time, this little haven based in NYC offers a wide range of classes to suit your fitness goals and abilities.  Fully staffed with extensively experienced, certified instructors, Yo Yoga offers classes ranging from beginners classes to intermediate and advanced classes and even interpretive classes that incorporate different styles of yoga.  Yo Yoga offers: Basic and Open classes to help beginners focus on fundamentals, Yo Flow and Ashtanga Flow which teach the practice of Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, strength based Power Yoga, and slow paced Candle Light yoga that focus on breathing, stretching, and alignment to help you distress and regain balance.  All classes are available indoor and outdoor so you drink in the revitalizing sun and fresh air as you enhance your chi.

Yoganesh Yoga

 10% OFF Packages of 5 or 10 yoga or dance classes

YoGanesh Yoga is dedicated to creating a loving environment where those in pursuit of a healthy body, mind, and spirit can feel at home.  Named after the Hindu god Ganesh, god of wisdom who removes obstacles and symbolizes auspiciousness, this yoga center honors the Hindu deity with one simple mission—to bring yoga to everyone to optimize wellness and attain peace.

In order to make yoga accessible to community, YoGanesh Yoga believes in a simple concept; provide classes instructed by great teachers at affordable prices.  YoGanesh Yoga offers NYC clients a serene studio staffed with friendly and knowledgeable certified instructors to teach various styles of yoga, at various levels.  YoGanesh Yoga also promotes relationships through community events such as potlucks, guest lecturers, workshops, and much more so clients can meet others who share this blissful sanctuary and together find joy, peace, and balance outside of class!

Zen Medica

5% off $50

While physical exercise is essential to good health and wellbeing, nutrition also plays a central role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   At Zen Medica, a holistic health shop specializing in alternative medicine and nutrition, owner and nutritionist Chow Mok understands and offers clients the highest standard of services and products.

Available in its NYC shop and online, Zen Medica features the best quality products including professionally formulated supplements, homeopathic and herbal remedies for holistic wellness, and Zen Medica’s own line of professional products.   Zen Medica’s team of holistic health experts also provides customers with consultation advice in store or over the phone, to help customers make the right choices while navigating through the world of holistic medicine so anyone can embark on a natural way to health.

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